We believe strongly in providing your kids a great and fun head start in their dental health!


Children are encouraged to visit the dentist when they turn one and then regularly every 4-6 months. Regular visits are important to instill a positive dental attitude and to reinforce lifelong habits to maintain good oral hygiene. Every child is different and we will assess their individual needs and personalities and tailor a treatment plan accordingly. We provide the following services for children:

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    Dental examinations and x-rays

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    Scaling and polishing

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    Root canal treatment of primary teeth and stainless steel crowns

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    Preventive services, fissure sealants, fluoride therapy

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    Management of traumatic injuries

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    Orthodontics in the early mixed dentition, removable orthodontic appliances

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    Mouth guards

General Anaesthesia at the Orchard Surgery Centre (Paragon Level 16) or Novena Surgery Centre (Level 8) can be arranged for the apprehensive and nervous child who requires complex or multiple treatments. Our dentists are accredited to perform dental procedures under general anaesthesia administered by a qualified anaesthetist.

At Smileworks, we strive to provide a fun and friendly environment and quality dental care for the little ones. It is our utmost importance that children leave our clinic with happy and smiling faces and that they look forward to their next dental visit!


Invisalign First

Early orthodontic treatment designed specially for children above the age 7.


Help your child prepare for his/her first dental visit

It is important that the first dental visit is pleasant, comfortable and not anxiety-producing. Children are encouraged to visit the dentist when they turn one and then regularly every 4-6 months. Regular visits are important to instill a positive dental attitude and to reinforce life-long habits to maintain good oral hygiene. Visiting the dentist when your child has problems does not allow this.
Help your child get ready to see the dentist by:

  • Being a good role model at home; Maintain a good and balanced diet, start a routine and encourage your child to brush their teeth every morning and before bedtime.
  • Read them books about visiting the dentist. For example, “Peppa Pig visits the dentist”, Dora’s or Barney’s first dental visit.
  • Try role playing at home by getting your child to lie on your lap and open wide whilst you count their teeth.
  • Do not bribe your child into going to the dentist or use a dental visit as a punishment.
  • Do not allow anyone to tell your child unpleasant stories about dental visits. Avoid using terms such as “pain”, “Don’t be scared”.
  • You can bring in your child’s favorite toothbrush and toothpaste so that we can demonstrate the proper technique on him/her.


What to expect on your Child’s First Visit?

1. The friendly dentist will personally greet your child in the waiting room and invite him/her to one of our colorful treatment rooms.

2. We will speak to your child to get to know him/her better and you can inform us of any of your concerns at the start of the treatment.

3. We will slowly introduce your child to our dental chair and instruments one by one.

4. Try to allow the dentist to lead the session so that your child can be as involved as possible. Our dentist and dental assistant will provide lots of encouragement along the way. Your child may not be able to co-operate if too many adults are talking at the same time.

5. Every child is different, he/she may breeze through the entire dental examination and scaling and polishing session or he/she may just be able to co-operate with a short introductory visit. We may not be able to do any treatment on your child’s first visit and a proper scaling and polishing can only be done on the 2nd or 3rd visit. Our dentist will assess and decide how long the session should be.

6. Your child will be rewarded with a special present for being so brave.

Our aim is for your child to have fun and to leave the clinic happy!