Smileworks Surgical Suite

Facial Injury and Deformity Correction

Accidents do happen and injuries involving the face and mouth can often be disfiguring and painful.  But while the face is a sensitive region of the body, most lacerations and minor injuries can be treated quite comfortably under local anaesthesia! Some fine suturing may be all you need to fix yourself up!

More extensive injuries like facial and jawbone fractures will have to be fixed under general anaesthesia. These surgeries will usually involve the use of titanium plates and screws to reduce and fix broken bones to facilitate your body’s own healing.


Facial injuries usually need to be treated on a more emergent basis so don’t waste time and seek consultation soonest!

A previous history of facial injuries may also present as deformities affecting cosmesis. Facial bones that are set and healed in non-anatomical ways may need to be adjusted or facial implants placed to improve form and function.

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